Hail insurance,

Hailstorms cause billions of dollars in economic damage every year, and traditional insurance premiums and deductibles are becoming unmanageable.

Understory offers flexible, cost-effective hail insurance for auto dealerships with no claims adjusters, no financial deductibles and quick payouts.

The auto

industry can be

a stressful place.

Billions of dollars of inventory is parked across the Midwest, beneath the darkening skies of yet another destructive storm.

Auto dealers face increasing premiums, deductibles rising by up to 500%, and even being dropped from coverage entirely.

It’s time for a new approach.


Auto - Hail Safe

Affordable hail coverage. No claims process.

No adjusters

Revolutionizing the settlement with an instant process after triggering the policy

Quick payout

Cover any economic damage from vehicles, roofs, revenue loss, advertising, and other expenses ASAP

No financial deductibles

Parametric insurance breaks the mold of the insurance industry’s antiquated, anti-claim mentality

Traditional insurance quoting and adjusting takes too long with ever increasing premiums and unmanageable deductibles. Understory’s Auto - Hail Safe has simple and cost-effective hail coverage to bridge the financial gap of long restocking timelines and cash flow to repair damaged inventory.

How does it work?

It's simple.


You select payout limits and hail size options to customize the policy to your needs.


Whenever a storm hits, our stations detect and understand the storm's unique fingerprint.


We offer a 100% transparent policy trigger, without adjusters, no waiting or hassle.

"Our traditional insurance premiums and deductibles had risen to the point where a damaging hail storm would've created a substantial out of pocket for our dealership. With Auto - Hail Safe from Understory, we now have peace of mind that our cash flow is protected."

- Allen Masengill, General Manager and Partner, South County Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

"When the aggregate deductible disappeared on our traditional insurance, we were facing catastrophic financial exposure in the event of a damaging hail storm. Auto - Hail Safe from Understory is a shield that protects our working capital and cash flow."

- Rob Gonzalez, VP and General Manager, Rush Chevrolet

Coverage to fit your needs
Auto - Hail Safe Tiers:
Coverage Options:
100% payout of limit for hail ≥2” diameter
50% payout of limit for hail ≥1.5” and <2” diameter
25% payout of limit for hail ≥1.25” and <1.5” diameter
100% payout of limit for hail ≥1.25” diameter

A simple, transparent alternative

Here’s how we stack up against the status-quo: 

Traditional Inventory
Auto - Hail Safe
Traditional Inventory Insurance

Slow and painful wait on adjuster’s valuations potentially causing a lack of focus on sales and tying up of service bays.

Understory Auto - Hail Safe
None. Settlement occurs immediately and payouts are one to two weeks after. No adjusters needed.
Traditional Inventory Insurance

Up to 12 weeks. Dependent on claims adjustment.

Understory Auto - Hail Safe
1 to 2 weeks. Begins when hail is detected.
Traditional Inventory Insurance

Up to $5,000 per car with significant out-of-pocket payments.

Understory Auto - Hail Safe
Zero. Parametric insurance eliminates the use of financial deductibles.
Traditional Inventory Insurance

Coverage requirements are complex with loss history, hail matrixes, or PDR/ conventional repair.

Understory Auto - Hail Safe
Your discretion. Can cover economic damage to vehicles, roofs, property loss, revenue loss, advertising, and other expenses.
Traditional Inventory Insurance

Limited options result in frustration and unwanted features.

Understory Auto - Hail Safe
Flexible. Choose from three tiers of coverage depending on desired payout and storm severity.

Interested to learn
how Auto - Hail Safe can
benefit your business?

See how our tech
has become a game-changer
for hail insurance

Unparalleled precision.

Meet Dot, our state-of-the-art weather sensor at the core of our game-changing technology platform.

Our Dot sensor station is one-of-a-kind and built for deployment
Solid-state configuration
Solar-sourced power
Cellular connectivity
Tamper resistant
Completely wireless
Free-standing, fast installation
99% up-time
No maintenance
Our Dot sensor station collects 125,000+ measurements every second
Atmospheric Pressure
Solar Radiation
Growing Degree Units

Our sensors measure each storm as it passes, calculating the maximum hail size and statistical hail size distribution.

Sensor Area
Statistical Area

Unprecedented understanding.

Without knowing what to expect insurers expect the worst. Which translates to higher rates for your coverage. However, when risk can be measured, everyone wins. Our Atmospheric Intelligence AI powers one of the most sophisticated weather risk models in the world that forms the basis of accurately understanding the risk that sets meaningful pricing and coverage.

Big data—from ground to sky and everywhere in between.
Dot living network data
Third-party radar and satellite imagery
Soil characteristics
Microphysics Models
Self-learning atmospheric intelligence
Measurement comparisons across data sources
Decades of historical, global weather data
Risk profiles


How do I get my dealership covered by Auto - Hail Safe?

Let us know you’re interested below and we’ll have an insurance broker reach out to you.

Are you selling the policy?

Understory’s technology enables Auto - Hail Safe. The brokers we work with sell the policy. And the policy, provided on an admitted basis in each state, is provided through Vortex Insurance Agency, a subsidiary of MSI GuaranteedWeather (MSIGW). Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance USA, Inc., the insurance carrier for the product (AM Best rated A+) and MSIGW are both wholly owned subsidiaries of of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co, Ltd., one of the worlds largest non-life insurers based in Tokyo, Japan.

How do I become a broker for Auto - Hail Safe?

Simply get in touch with us below and we’ll work out the details.

Where can I buy Auto - Hail Safe?

In the United States for the states of Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin. If your state or country isn’t listed here, contact us and we will look into accommodating you.

How long will it take to get a quote?

Our brokers will work with you to understand how much coverage you need. Then they’ll enter your address into an instant quote tool, provide you with your quote for four different levels of coverage—from premium plans to catastrophic-only plans.

Can I buy the policy from Understory?

You can buy Auto - Hail Safe from one of our participating brokers. Send us a note below and we’ll put you in touch with a broker in your area.

What happens after I buy the policy?
Do I get a Dot?

Yes. Understory installs and maintains a rooftop Dot sensor on your dealership. When hail reaches the conditions agreed upon in the policy, the sensor will activate an instant settlement. Your payout arrives one to two weeks later.

What should I expect for the Dot installation?

After the policy is bound, Understory will work towards installing the Dot sensor before the policy effective date. A pre-installation site checklist helps identify a date, time, and location in advance to ensure a swift and hassle-free process, followed by policy activation.

More questions?
Let us know how we can help.

Get in touch to find out more about Auto - Hail Safe.