Introducing A New, Powerful Tool for Personalized Policyholder Communication

Designed to help insurance companies better engage with their policyholders regarding weather-related insurance claims, this new platform allows insurers to personalize communications with their policyholders with unique real-time, ground-level weather data – ensuring that claims are accurate and thus, decreasing the turnaround time on claims resolution. You’ll get real-time weather awareness, improved response time and proactive customer messaging. Sign up now!

Unique sensor networks delivering ground truth data and property-level damage analytics.



Our ground-truth data supports
your claims adjusting process



A New Standard in Weather Intelligence

Satellite and radar monitor the sky, but they miss what’s happening on the ground. We know what’s happening on the ground.

From National Weather Reports, which give you critical information on past weather conditions across the country, to Understory Sensor Network Reports covering Kansas City and Dallas, we’re gathering the ground-truth information you need.

Accurate hail monitoring networks to understand the exact location and severity of damage.



Access our hail monitoring network today!

At Understory we’re building, installing, and harvesting data on hail, wind, rain, temperature, pressure, and humidity from dense networks of weather sensors. Our streaming weather gives you real-time monitoring at unparalleled detail.

Let our station networks deliver the true story under the clouds. Use our hyper-local data to power advanced damage analytics for the properties you protect.

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