Understory Is A 2016 Wisconsin Innovation Award Finalist

Understory Is A 2016 Wisconsin Innovation Award Finalist

July 11, 2016 8:03 pm Published by

The company is revolutionizing the weather industry with a small device called RTi.

Understory, Inc., a weather network and analytics company, is excited to announce that they are a finalist for the 2016 Wisconsin Innovation Awards (WIA). The finalists were determined by a panel of 17 statewide industry experts. The WIA hopes to encourage an environment of innovation by bringing innovators together from various business sectors throughout the state of Wisconsin. The winners will be announced on August 16, 2016 at the Wisconsin Union Theater in Madison, WI.

Founded in 2012 by Madison-area natives, Alex Kubicek and Bryan Dow, Understory, Inc. returned to its Madison roots earlier this year in order to build on the success they experienced in Boston. The Madison office is now the building block for the next chapter for this young, innovative company and its founders, Kubicek and Dow. The move also poises the company for explosive growth due to the tremendous interest in their weather platform across the country. The company has more than doubled the size of its team since moving to Madison and are thrilled to be part of Madison’s start-up resurgence.

“This is a tremendous honor for our company,” commented Kubicek, Understory founder and CEO, “Now that we’ve returned to Wisconsin to be a part of the start-up and technological communities, we will continue to innovate and grow in a community that we have always called home.”

At the heart of the Understory weather network is a revolutionary solar-powered device, dubbed RTi (pronounced Artee), that monitors everything from wind speed and direction to temperature, humidity, rain and hail. Because the RTi is installed on rooftops and in open fields, they are able to provide a more comprehensive and accurate picture of what is happening at the ground, where it really matters. No other system exists that can collect data this granular.

The devices, currently deployed in the Kansas City, Dallas and Boston, are the starting point for creating a less expensive, more technologically advanced weather-tracking system. With over 60 devices currently deployed and hundreds more ready to go, Understory is changing an industry that has fundamentally relied on the same technology for decades.

Understory also offers an educational initiative program called Weather Is Cool that provides sensors and data analytics to schools in select districts. Because weather plays such a critical role in our world, from what we do and wear each day to our local economy, Understory’s educational intiative creates opportunities for classrooms to study and learn weather analytics.

The data implications for Understory’s weather sensors are enormous, as $485 billion of the US fluctuates with the weather. The new, sensor-enabled big data impacts every industry that is impacted by weather including insurance, agriculture, utilities and many other industries.

About Understory

Founded in 2012, Understory is a weather data company that provides dense surface observations generated by proprietary weather stations with no external moving parts. This composite of granular weather data has applications across a variety of markets, including broadcasting, insurance, agriculture, forecasting, and risk mitigation. The information collected by Understory is analyzed and processed to create real-time datasets, views, and actionable information from historical, current, and forecasted weather events to provide better insight and early detection of risks.

Watch this quick video to see how it all works.