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What Is Understory’s Comprehensive Weather Suite?

Our Comprehensive Weather Suite is a revolutionary suite of customer messaging tools powered by hyper-local weather data that isn’t available anywhere else. Our hail monitoring networks provide you with the granular-level weather data so you can communicate with customers when weather is affecting their lives. This type of relevant, weather related messaging builds customer engagement and loyalty so you can grow your business.

Hyper-Local Weather Data

  • Address-specific weather data from Understory’s exclusive hail monitoring network
  • Ground-truth data that records individual hailstone impacts, wind gusts and even rain drops in real-time unparalleled detail
  • Advanced damage analytics

More Reasons You’ll Love Our Comprehensive Weather Suite

  • Customizable solutions for your business
  • From national radar to address-specific, ground-truth data, you’ll get an in-depth look at what impacts your customers
  • Build better customer service with real-time views of storm data bundled in a comprehensive weather suite
  • Better insight into storms with Understory’s unique algorithms that indicate hail and wind damage potential