The Understory Hail Monitoring Network

Understory’s weather networks collect unparalleled ground-truth weather data.

Understory’s weather network is made up of RTi weather stations in major metropolitan cities to collect hyper-local, ground-truth weather data on hail size, strength and angle of impact, wind speed and direction, rainfall, temperature, humidity and more. Some of the cities that are host to Understory’s RTi weather stations are

Denver, Colorado

Colorado ranks second for the number of hail-damage claimsIn fact, six of Colorado’s top ten costliest hailstorms occurred within the Denver Metro which is why Denver is the ideal host to one of Understory’s hail monitoring networks.

Denver CO is a metro included in Understory’s Hail Monitoring Network

Dallas, Texas

Texas accounted for 19% of all US hail claims from 2013-2015, which put the state in the number one position for states with the highest hail loss claims.  Some hailstorms have been cited as costing billions of dollars in damage. Understory’s weather stations are critical to determining the damage potential of these hailstorms.

Dallas TX is a metro included in Understory’s Hail Monitoring Network

Kansas City, Kansas

Located in the heart of the Midwest, Kansas City is part of Tornado Alley making the metro area subject to tornados and other severe storms that contain strong winds and damaging hail. Understory’s hail monitoring networks monitor these storms and capture granular weather data that is exclusive to Understory.

Kansas City is a metro included in Understory’s Hail Monitoring Network

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is home to the first and second costliest hailstorms in the U.S., coming in at 2+ billion and 1.5 billion dollars respectively. The hailstorm data that Understory’s hail monitoring networks can gather is tremendous.


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