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Get hyper-local weather data from Understory’s unique hail monitoring network and messaging tools

Understory’s weather products give you the most granular level weather data available. Then, we use that data to build powerful tools that will grow your business. From the weather stations that make up our hail monitoring networks to our customer messaging tools found in our Comprehensive Weather Suite to one of the best iPhone weather apps available, Understory’s product mix will revolutionize the way you do business.

Comprehensive Weather Suite 

Our Comprehensive Weather Suite lets you build your digital strategy with multi-channel customer messaging using hyper-local weather data from Understory’s wind and hail monitoring networks.

Understory comprehensive weather suite platform

Weather Reports:
Hail Reports, Wind Reports, National Weather Reports

From Understory Network reports that provide you with in-depth wind and hail reports to National Weather Reports, which give you critical information on past weather conditions across the country, we are gathering ground-truth weather data your business needs.

precision hail report sample

precision wind report sample

Ground-Truth Weather Stations 

Understory’s patent-pending weather stations are the heart of our hail monitoring networks. You’ll get an in-depth understanding of weather including hail, wind, temperature, pressure and humidity every second of every day. Our weather stations are located in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States.  

Shine Weather App
Hyper-Local Weather, Alerts and Home Safety

Understory’s Shine Weather app gives you hyper-local weather forecasts and alerts. We harvest real-time weather data from revolutionary weather technology that’s not available in any other weather app. You’ll get weather data that’s more reliable than current technology because Shine Weather is powered by patent-pending weather stations that make up Understory’s hail monitoring network. When severe weather strikes, homeowners will have access to the most accurate information available. Download the Shine Weather App for iPhone on iTunes.