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Innovate How Your Company Handles Hail Claims

Our free on-site claims analysis shows exactly how accuracy can be improved with our damage analytics in less than 48 hours.

What Is Understory’s Damage Analytics Platform?

With Understory hail networks, we measure hail size and go beyond it. By directly measuring the momentum, angle of impact, and direction of each hail stone, we can give you a building-specific understanding of the damage to roof, siding, and windows before an adjuster sets foot on a property. Combining these analytics with your claims processes gives incredible lift on fast-tracking claims for your customers and making sure you pay the right claims at the right time.

The On-Site Claims Analysis Process

  • Analysis is performed on-site, so your data never leaves your campus.
  • Combining your policy location and claims data and our damage analytics from 2017 for select metropolitan areas.
  • Together we assess adjuster optimization and strategies for CAT and non-CAT events

The Benefits of the Free Analysis

  • See claims optimization strategies that are easily operationalized inside your organization
  • Understand the potential for accuracy improvement throughout the claims process
  • Get an industry benchmark to see how your organization measures up with other innovative carriers