How can you meet your air quality goals?

Project Atmosphere

Understory comprehensively assesses the critical impact of weather and air quality conditions on cities, communities, and businesses with Atmosphere. Atmosphere aggregates and analyzes weather and air quality data from a network of Understory’s hyperlocal sensors within an urban center to present a clear and complete picture of that urban center’s atmosphere.

Civic leaders can then take specific actions, such as regulating traffic, enabling tolls and HOV lanes, and administering warnings, to reduce the impact of unhealthy pollutant levels on citizens. With this visibility, you’ll be able to create air quality improvement strategies that easily garner support and swiftly drive meaningful improvement in your community.

We are selecting the first ten cities for 2019 now. If you’re interested in Project Atmosphere, apply to be selected as one of the next ten cities today!

Turning climate into action

Achieving a truly successful air pollution strategy requires affordable, accurate real-time data on atmospheric conditions which enables leaders to:

  • Pinpoint the most significant sources of pollution,
  • Tailor strategies to target the main contributors to local pollutions,
  • Try new air quality improvement strategies and measure their actual effectiveness, and
  • Demonstrate to the public and other important audiences that these strategies are worthwhile.

Short Term Results

Atmosphere provides you with the data you need to reduce pollution at its source and continuously monitor levels of improvement. With Atmosphere, you’ll be able to achieve your massive air quality improvement goals one measurable step at a time.

Understanding weather and air quality

We are capitalizing on our established weather infrastructure to change how air quality is understood and improved. Through this quick and simple addition to our existing infrastructure, we’re able to provide the world with a crystal-clear view into their immediate atmospheric conditions.

An Atmosphere Supersite

A region’s weather directly affects the air quality of each city that falls within that region. Without weather, air quality is only seen through a static lense. Marrying weather and air quality together in one network allows it to be seen as it truly is, incredibly dynamic. Accurate, real-time weather and air quality data allows us to understand a city’s air quality on a very granular level across time and within a dynamic context.

Before Atmosphere, it wasn’t possible to measure and understand air quality in a cost-effective and accurate manner, nor was it possible to assess the effectiveness of actions taken to improve air quality. The technology available to us gave us mobile mapping and expensive and unintegrated sensor networks, which severely limited the progress we made towards being a low-carbon society.

With Atmosphere, and it’s hyperlocal weather and air quality data provided in a cost-effective manner, community leaders can measure and understand air quality as part of their immediate dynamic climatic environment and take meaningful steps towards improving their communities environmental condition through programs that are environmentally effective, fiscally feasible, economically advantageous.

Learn More

Find out about the many other industries that benefit from Understory’s Hail Monitoring Networks and Weather Analytics

  • Academics
    Because weather plays a critical role in our daily lives, Understory believes in enhancing STEM education programs using our weather analytics
  • Utility Companies
    Understory’s weather monitoring networks provide real-time weather alerts including temperature and wind data to support energy and utility companies.
  • Retail
    Win weather-driven micro-moments in retail with Understory’s comprehensive weather platform powered by our revolutionary hail monitoring networks.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Improving the business of supply chain management while reducing risk with our comprehensive weather platform for better planning and sales forecasting.
  • Insurance
    Simplifying the insurance claims process by helping insurers know exactly where, when and how property damage occurred, fast tracking policyholder’s claims.
  • Other Industries
    $485 billion of the US economy fluctuates due to weather – insurance, utilities, agriculture, retail, logistics, construction, transportation and many more.