Sample Reports

Sample Reports: Wind and Hail Reports, National Weather Reports, Storm Report Card

Understory’s signature products are based on dense networks of weather stations monitoring hail, wind, and much more. You’ll get unparalleled detail with our real-time streaming weather. From National Weather Reports, which give you critical information on past weather conditions across the country, to Understory Network reports that provide you with in-depth wind and hail reports, we’re gathering the ground-truth weather data your business needs.

Precision wind & hail reports
for advanced property-level analytics

Understory Network Reports are unlike anything else on the market. We build, install, maintain and harvest data from networks of proprietary weather stations that deliver real-time weather intelligence. These weather stations measure each individual hailstone impact and each wind gust, forming the first-of-its-kind hail and wind monitoring network. This network gives you ground-truth precision wind and hail reports for advanced property-level weather analytics.

Precision Hail Report

Our Precision Hail Reports give you fast, accurate, and detailed time resolution of all hailstone impacts. Use it for property claims and crop hail claims.

You’ll get:

  • Storm summary with the largest hailstone, maximum wind gust, storm duration, and storm direction
  • Graph of the timeline of hail strikes
  • Graph of the maximum wind gusts for the duration of the storm
  • Simulated one-foot by one-foot hail pad for easy visual interpretation
  • Street map of the location for address verification

Request a free sample precision hail report by emailing or calling us at 608-416-7771

Hail Forensic Report

Our Hail Forensic Reports build on the Precision Hail Reports but includes an additional review of all available data by a meteorologist (Understory sensor, NEXRAD radar, SPC storm reports, etc), annotated maps where applicable, and a summary paragraph of the findings.

With the Hail Forensic Report, you’ll get:

  • A complete Precision Hail Report
  • Meteorologist review of property location and surroundings, Understory weather station data, NEXRAD radar, SPC storm reports, as well as any other available data
  • Annotated maps (where applicable)
  • Summary paragraph of findings

Request a free sample hail forensic report by emailing or calling us at 608-416-7771

Precision Wind Report

Our Precision Wind Reports give you fast, accurate, and detailed time resolution of wind during a calendar day or an active thunderstorm time period.

Each report contains:

  • Storm summary with the maximum wind gust, maximum 1-minute sustained wind, storm duration, and storm direction
  • Likelihood of property damage
  • Graph of the one-minute wind speed
  • Visual depiction of direction and speed of wind greater than 20 mph
  • Satellite view of neighborhood with arrows depicting average direction of strong winds
  • Street map of the location for address verification

Request a free sample precision wind report by emailing or calling us at 608-416-7771

Storm Scorecard

Understory’s Storm Scorecard provides your business with a general overview of the impact of a weather event on households within a specific metro area.  Designed to guide your business strategy after the storm, you’ll get a full storm review that you need to make business decisions.

With the Storm Scorecard, you’ll get:

  • An overview of the affected area
  • A map of the weather event over the metro area
  • Number of homeowners impacted
  • Storm statistics including maximum hail size, storm duration, wind direction, and maximum wind

Understory Real-Time Access

Get real-time access via web portal to the Understory platform, which is always growing.

Our dashboard allows you to see real-time and historical information for any point in our network. The display graphs the last 24 hours of the following variables:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Gust
  • Wind Direction
  • Wind Chill
  • Heat Index

National Weather Reports

Understory’s National Weather Reports give you unique information on weather conditions at a particular location. From underwriting guidance to weather verification for insurance, our National Weather Reports are fast to order and easy to understand. National Weather Reports are complimentary just for signing up for a free Understory account.

National Weather Reports can be used to:

  • Verify weather conditions for insurance claims
  • Investigate past weather conditions during the underwriting process
  • Develop underwriting and inspection rules based on average weather conditions
  • Document claim-specific weather conditions for reinsurance or government audits

Our current suite of National Weather Reports includes precipitation, wind, and ice dam conditions. Reports can be ordered by address or by latitude and longitude. And they all easily export to PDF for printing paper copies.

Each report contains:

  • A summary of the location or property information
  • A street map to verify the location is correctly geocoded
  • A description of the data sources underlying the report

Precipitation Report By Date

See how much rain a property experienced for the past 10 years anywhere in the United States.

Each report contains:

  • A summary of precipitation over the 24 hours of the input date
  • A summary of the weekly precipitation total surrounding the input date
  • A shaded indication of the date within the surrounding week with the largest precipitation
  • A graph of precipitation during the surrounding week
  • A text summary indicating on which date during the week the peak precipitation occurred

Precipitation Event Report

Unsure of when a big rainstorm happened? Use our Precipitation event report to see the last fifteen rainstorm events.

Each report contains:

  • The previous fifteen precipitation events with more than one inch of rain in 24 hours
  • Indication of the largest two events out of the last fifteen
  • Weekly graphs of the largest two events

Ice Dam Conditions Report

Every property is different — but with our proprietary algorithm that mixes temperature and snow depth information you can see when the conditions were right for the formation of ice dams.

Each report contains:

  • Analysis of when ice dam conditions may have occurred using temperature and snow depth measurements
  • Up to fifteen previous time periods where ice dam conditions may have occurred for two or more consecutive days

Wind Event Report

Need to see when gusty winds may have impacted a property? We give you the last fifteen events where a property had gusty winds to pinpoint when wind damage occurred.

Each report contains:

  • The previous fifteen events with winds above our thresholds
  • Distance from the queried location to the nearest measuring station