Comprehensive Weather Suite

 A comprehensive weather suite powered by Understory’s exclusive hail monitoring networks

Understory’s comprehensive weather suite is a unique mix of products that empower your digital strategy. The weather data generated from Understory’s hyper-local wind and hail monitoring networks is what powers our multi-channel customer messaging tool that allows you to communicate with your customers when weather affects them. The address-specific data generated records individual hailstone impacts, wind gusts, and even rain drops so you can provide relevant and timely customer messages you can incorporate into your business strategy.

Demystify your digital strategy while communicating
the impact of weather to your customers

The shine weather app is an important tool in Understory's comprehensive weather suite

Today’s customer expects a better digital experience. Understory’s branded app lets you connect with your customers that are always connected by allowing you to integrate digital messaging into your overall communication strategy. Because weather apps have higher engagement and retention rates than a majority of other business apps, you’ll be able to push relevant weather-related messages to your customers. Whether you use our branded weather app or our API to integrate into your existing bustiness app, you can offer your customers helpful advice and customer assistance to strengthen your brand and your customer relationships. Plus, when you have data that is fueled by Understory’s hail monitoring networks, your digital strategy becomes more powerful than ever.

Build strong customer relationships

With data from our hail monitoring network, your customers will be thrilled with a simplified insurance claims process

Understory’s powerful messaging tools let you build strong customer relationships with timely and relevant messages that keep customers coming back. By letting customers know that they are in the path of a storm, you can help them reduce risk of property damage. After the storm, you can provide recovery tips or customer assistance to foster brand loyalty. Our on-demand campaign management lets you communicate what you want, when you want and how you want. You’ll “wow” your customers while building trust and loyalty.

From national radar to hyper-local, ground-truth weather data,
this will be your most powerful strategy yet.

Our comprehensive weather suite includes everything from national radar to hyper-local weather data

Get the answers you need regardless of the location with Understory’s nationwide hail data. Plus, you’ll get Understory-enabled metros that provide additional detail with unrivaled hail accuracy from our roof-level hail monitoring networks. You’ll get the most reliable hail damage reports from Understory’s robust weather stations because we know what’s happening on the ground. You’ll be able to respond quicker and have better situational awareness with real-time alerts that are measuring hail impact strength, wind and hail damage potential, wind speeds, temperature, rain, and more. See some of Understory’s Sample Precision Wind and Hail Reports.

A new kind of weather app that provides hyper-local weather forecasts and alerts.

Understory harvests real-time weather data from revolutionary sensor technology that’s not available in any other weather app. You’ll get weather data that is more reliable than current technology because Shine Weather is powered by patent-pending weather stations. When severe weather strikes, homeowners have access to the most accurate information and you’ll have the ability to message those homeowners with relevant, timely messages. Download the Shine Weather app today for your iPhone.

Understory's Shine Weather app is an important communication tool offered as part of our comprehensive weather suite

The Understory Network of Weather Stations

Understory has weather stations deployed in major metropolitan areas. Find out where our weather stations are deployed.