Introducing Understory Storm Alerts

Introducing Understory Storm Alerts

April 14, 2015 8:21 pm Published by


Understory Sensor Networks are covering Kansas City and Dallas! We’re tracking thunderstorms as they move through each city. We gather hail, wind, storm intensity, and many more variables out of 20 billion readings that we take as a storm passes over the city. Now you can get alerts on when, where, and how intense a storm is if it has potentially damaging weather that can affect properties in a metropolitan area. Each storm alert comes with the maximum recorded hail size, the strongest wind gust, and the duration of the storm.

The alerts are completely free and are sent to your email inbox the day after the storm hits.

Sign up for free storm alerts at the link below and we’ll send you summaries when they happen! You can always unsubscribe or change which city you receive alerts for by emailing For real-time alerts, contact us to discuss pricing.

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