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Win retail’s weather-driven

and give your stores a competitive advantage.

Win customers during their weather-driven micro-moments
As a retailer, your business is impacted by weather. When it’s the first nice weekend of the year and people are itching to get out in their yards, they flock to your store to buy supplies for their spring projects. The same phenomenon happens in the fall when the weather starts to cool down and people prepare for winter hibernation. Short-term weather forecasts drive sales in the form of storm preparation and for customers impacted by severe storms, recovery supplies drive sales as your customers return to normalcy. We call these weather-driven micro-moments.

Recovery supplies after a weather event can drive footsteps to your store

Build customer trust, create brand awareness & drive sales

These micro-moments are known as the weather-driven micro-moment and it’s an opportunity for you to build customer trust, create brand awareness and drive sales. In order to win these micro-moments, you need weather data that is so granular that you know exactly which customers have been affected by weather so you can communicate them and drive traffic to your store. Traditional radar is based on satellites that forecast broad patterns so it’s not enough to give your business the granular weather data that you need. You need data that tells you exactly which customers have been impacted by weather and weather events.

Build customer trust, create brand awareness and drive sales when you win the weather-driven micro-moments

Exclusive address-specific weather data that drives store traffic

The only way for your stores to win the weather-driven micro-moment, is to incorporate Understory’s exclusive ground-truth weather data. While traditional weather satellites are needed to forecast broad patterns, Understory captures the densest data, going from broad observations to precise observations down to 100 meters. Each of our weather stations is taking 3,000 measurements per second on everything from temperatures to wind speeds, rainfall, hail and much more. With data this granular, you know exactly which customers were impacted by damaging storms and message those customers with recovery tips and product information in order to drive footsteps into your stores.

Communicate with customers when they have a weather-driven micro-moment

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What other industries benefit from Understory’s Hail Monitoring Networks and Weather Analytics?

  • Insurance
    Simplifying the insurance claims process by helping insurers know exactly where, when and how property damage occurred, fast tracking policyholder’s claims.
  • Agriculture
    Detecting weather conditions in crops with weather monitoring networks so farmers can plan, adapt and improve crop yields.
  • Utility Companies
    Understory’s weather monitoring networks provide real-time weather alerts including temperature and wind data to support energy and utility companies.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Improving the business of supply chain management while reducing risk with our comprehensive weather platform for better planning and sales forecasting.
  • Academics
    Because weather plays a critical role in our daily lives, Understory believes in enhancing STEM education programs using our weather analytics
  • Other Industries
    $485 billion of the US economy fluctuates due to weather – insurance, utilities, agriculture, retail, logistics, construction, transportation and many more.