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The business impact of weather can be tremendous

The impact of weather on your business can be tremendous. Incorporating hyper-local weather data and analytics from Understory can help you make better business decisions.

Impact of weather on the construction industry

Weather goes far beyond impacting the day to day lives of consumers. It has a direct impact on the US economy. In fact, $485 billion of the US economy fluctuates due to the weather. What industries are most affected by the weather?

  • Insurance
    Simplifying the insurance claims process by helping insurers know exactly where, when and how property damage occurred, fast tracking policyholder’s claims.
  • Agriculture
    Detecting weather conditions in crops with weather monitoring networks so farmers can plan, adapt and improve crop yields.
  • Utilities
    Understory’s weather monitoring networks provide real-time weather alerts including temperature and wind data to support energy and utility companies.
  • Retail
    Win weather-driven micro-moments in retail with Understory’s comprehensive weather platform powered by our revolutionary hail monitoring networks.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Improving the business of supply chain management while reducing risk with our comprehensive weather platform for better planning and sales forecasting.
  • And many other industries
    • Restaurant
    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Landscaping
    • Tourism

Weather is unpredictable but Understory’s weather and hail monitoring networks give companies the ability to understand hyper-local weather exactly where it’s happening. Businesses can now get hyper-local weather data with temperature and wind and hail reports by address. By having this level of granularity at your fingertips, businesses are able to be more nimble and incorporate hyper-local weather data into an overall business strategy. It’s no longer acceptable to wait to see how weather will impact your business, it’s time to see the story under the clouds using Understory’s ground-truth weather data.

impact of weather on golf course management

Better business planning with better weather data

In order to more accurately predict business needs, weather is hyper-local. Traditional weather satellites are needed to forecast broad patterns, which is why they’re about 35,000 km above the surface of our planet.  Radar measures what’s in the clouds but government data resolution is only at 10,000km. If what matters to your business is what’s happening on the ground, Understory’s hail monitoring networks capture observations down to 100 meters and takes 3,000 measurements per second on everything from temperatures and heat index to wind speeds, rainfall, hail and much more. This hyper-local weather data and analytics does not exist anywhere else. Understory is a new way of knowing about the weather by knowing the true story under the clouds.

Find out how our hail monitoring network can revolutionize the way your business responds to weather events like hail, wind and rain. Contact our sales team at sales@understoryweather.com or call us at 608-416-7771 or requesting a demo.