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A comprehensive weather platform for supply chain management.

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Weather is unpredictable which is difficult when you’re in the business of supply chain management. You need a tool that can take something as volatile as weather and turn it into a predicable model that mitigates risk and gives you a competitive edge so your business can grow. Traditional weather data simply isn’t enough to give you a clear picture because it’s based on satellites that forecast broad patterns — resolution is only at 10,000km. You need to incorporate data that measures what’s happening on the ground where your transportation resides so in order to get richer insight into your demand planning system, increasing revenue while reducing risk.

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Exclusive weather data that measures ground-truth data

Traditional weather satellites are needed to forecast broad patterns, which is why they’re about 35,000km above the planet. Radar measures what’s in the clouds but not what’s happening on the ground, where it matters most to your business. Understory captures the densest data, going from broad observations over kilometers to precise observations down to 100 meters. Each of our weather stations is taking 3,000 measurements per second on everything from temperatures to wind speeds, rainfall, hail and much more. So whether you’re a shipper looking to add historical weather data into a demand planning system, a third party logistics provider to determine historical seasonal shipping patters or a transportation firm seeking to link past fuel commodities to weather patterns, you know that supply chain management needs better weather data. You need a comprehensive weather platform that measures what’s going on the ground. Introducing Understory – a new way of knowing about the weather by knowing the true story under the clouds.

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Find out about the many other industries that benefit from Understory’s Hail Monitoring Networks and Weather Analytics

  • Academics
    Because weather plays a critical role in our daily lives, Understory believes in enhancing STEM education programs using our weather analytics
  • Utility Companies
    Understory’s weather monitoring networks provide real-time weather alerts including temperature and wind data to support energy and utility companies.
  • Retail
    Win weather-driven micro-moments in retail with Understory’s comprehensive weather platform powered by our revolutionary hail monitoring networks.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Improving the business of supply chain management while reducing risk with our comprehensive weather platform for better planning and sales forecasting.
  • Insurance
    Simplifying the insurance claims process by helping insurers know exactly where, when and how property damage occurred, fast tracking policyholder’s claims.
  • Agriculture
    Detecting weather conditions in crops with weather monitoring networks so farmers can plan, adapt and improve crop yields.