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Use hyper-local weather data powered by Understory’s hail monitoring networks to create weather-related business solutions

Hail losses are on the rise and your business needs to create a business strategy that can respond to these weather events. At Understory, we’re building, installing and harvesting data on hail, wind, rain, temperature, pressure and humidity from dense networks of weather stations. These hyper-local wind and hail monitoring networks record individual hailstone impacts, wind gusts, and even rain in real-time at unparalleled detail. The environmental data is then pulled into actionable material you to provide you with business solutions you can use during weather events.

Understory provides business solutions to help you respond to weather events with weather data from our hail monitoring networks

Let our weather station networks deliver
the true story under the clouds

Use hyper-local data powered by Understory’s hail monitoring networks to power advanced damage analytics for your business. We make it easy for you to tailor our services to your organization. You can order our National Weather Reports for the entire United States – free to any account holder.

Find out how our hail monitoring network can your business. Contact our sales team at, call us at 608-416-7771 or schedule a demo.

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Find out about the other industries that benefit from Understory’s Hail Monitoring Networks and Weather Analytics

  • Insurance
    Simplifying the insurance claims process by helping insurers know exactly where, when and how property damage occurred, fast tracking policyholder’s claims.
  • Agriculture
    Detecting weather conditions in crops with weather monitoring networks so farmers can plan, adapt and improve crop yields.
  • Utility Companies
    Understory’s weather monitoring networks provide real-time weather alerts including temperature and wind data to support energy and utility companies.
  • Retail
    Win weather-driven micro-moments in retail with Understory’s comprehensive weather platform powered by our revolutionary hail monitoring networks.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Improving the business of supply chain management while reducing risk with our comprehensive weather platform for better planning and sales forecasting.
  • Academics
    Because weather plays a critical role in our daily lives, Understory believes in enhancing STEM education programs using our weather analytics
  • Other Industries
    $485 billion of the US economy fluctuates due to weather – insurance, utilities, agriculture, retail, logistics, construction, transportation and many more.