How does roof age impact wind and hail damage to your home?

Did you know that wind and hail are more likely to cause damage to your roof as it ages? In order to understand why, we need to take a look at how roof damage occurs when impacted by hail versus wind. Roof damage from hailAs shingles age they get stiffer making them more likely to… View Article

When Severe Weather Dictates Hardware Design Schedules

Understory produces weather data and insights. This information is collected with hardware that we design, deploy, and manage. And when severe weather dictates hardware design schedules, it gets complicated.Understory’s hardware detects what happens during severe weather. One of the unique features of our hardware is that it detects hail. As it turns out, hail is… View Article

How do you measure hail, wind speed and rain?

Measuring hail, wind speed and rain are critical when determining the property damage that can occur. But how do you measure them?Weather forecasting continues to improve, but any of these are approaching your home, there is little anyone can do to stop them. The best strategy is to be prepared, with regular maintenance on your… View Article

What Data Powers Your Weather App?

These days, weather data is everywhere. From our phones, we can access weather data from around the world instantly via a weather app and immediately see what current conditions are like. These weather apps help us know whether to bring an umbrella or plan on building a snowman, but what goes into weather data, anyway?… View Article

Home Insurance Claim? 3 Tips to Make Filing A Claim Easier

These simple steps make filing a home insurance claim much easier.It’s never fun dealing with damage to personal property, but when hail strikes, there are a few things you can do to make the process of filing a home insurance claim. Here are 3 tips for a smooth path to reparation of damage to your… View Article

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Weather Data

Have you ever wondered where your weatherperson or favorite weather sites are getting their information? How are they making their forecasts? Over the past several decades, weather-observing technology has allowed us to collect a wealth of information about the weather. All this data has helped scientists better understand, predict, and model the atmosphere. Here are… View Article

Finding your dream job often seems like an insurmountable task.

Dream jobs do exist!In fact, many people think it’s like a unicorn, it simply doesn’t exist. The fact is that dream jobs do exists if you know what you’re looking for and find the right company. Understory’s data scientist, Elena Willmot, explains “I was amazed that my dream job actually existed!” Read along as Elena… View Article

Weather for kids in the classroom

Using today’s technology, teaching climate and weather for kids has never been easier.Teachers are constantly looking for new ways to get their students engaged with technology. Ipads, fab-labs, and 3D printers are becoming ever-more commonplace in schools and classrooms. Today, improvements in technology can also give students a better understanding of what’s happening outside the… View Article

Weather Data For Improved Insurance Claims

The insurance industry is at a pivotal moment in time when it comes to claims processing. Gone are the days where customers will patiently wait for adjusters to visit their homes to assess damage. Gone are the days where customers expect the claims process to be one of the few communication points with their insurance… View Article

Why isn’t the forecast for weather accurate?

You hear it all the time: “Why isn’t the forecast for weather accurate?” The United States has the best weather data in the world, and it still is not good enough to use to make business decisions. Radar and satellite give us a fantastic view of the sky and allow us to forecast large weather… View Article

14 Noteworthy Weather Events From Summer 2016

Summer has come and gone and with it so does a plethora of weather events from excessive heat, hailstorms, rain and flooding. Here are a few of the 2016 summer weather events. Overall 2016: Above Average TemperaturesAbove average temps spanned the country for the first 7 months of 2016. Every state was warmer than average… View Article

Kansas City Storm Season 2016: An Understory Network Summary

The 2016 Kansas City Storm Season has seen far fewer storms than in the first half of 2015. During the first half of 2016, the Understory Network in Kansas City saw a total of 7 notable storms, one in March, two in April,  two in May and two in July. Four of the six storms… View Article

Wind Storm Brings High Winds To Kansas City

High winds recorded during Kansas City post-Independence Day wind stormA wind storm hammered the Kansas City metropolitan area in the early morning hours of July 7th. Luckily, the worst portion of these wind storms was through the area before rush hour. No tornados were reported during this storm. Understory detected sustained winds of up to… View Article

Dallas Storm Season 2016: An Understory Network Summary

In the first half of the 2016 storm season, the Understory Network in the Dallas area saw four damaging storms. Two of these storms were in March, one was in April and one was in May. Although the immediate area was spared the massive hail damage others experienced in the April 11, 2016, hailstorm, the… View Article

4 Things Your Customers Don’t Worry About But Should

Want to grow your insurance business? Help your customers avoid major property damage and costly repairs. A home is one of the biggest investments your customers make. When disaster strikes, it’s stressful and very costly. Many times, your customers aren’t even aware of how their home might be impacted by weather. By positioning yourself as… View Article

Summer Solstice 2016 – It’s Finally Summer Infographic

Summer Solstice is June 20, 2016. It’s the longest day of the year and officially summer! We put together a fun “It’s Finally Summer” Infographic just for you. When did some of the largest hail fall in the U.S.? Was the hail as big as a baseball? When are the 2016 Summer Olympics? How many… View Article

Tropical Storm Colin Precipitation Report – A Guide To Using Understory’s Weather Verification Suite

Tropical Storm Colin stormed across northern Florida on June 6th, then tracked along the southeastern coast soaking coastal Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. But Florida was the big winner, or loser, in terms of extreme rainfall. Some areas near Tallahassee received upwards of 10 inches of rain. Even areas near Gainesville tallied more than… View Article

5 Ways To Improve Customer Loyalty

1) Let the tools do their job. Communication drives customer loyalty. But how can you possibly communicate with each customer? Whether it’s emailing, social media, apps, or customer data, using tools that boost your productivity while initiating a one-on-one conversation will improve customers lives and increase loyalty. One popular tool is Understory’s messaging platform. This… View Article

3 Secrets To Connect With The Connected Customer

As the digital revolution continues to grow, customers are connected in a way that they have never been before in social media, email, messaging and more. If you’re struggling with how to reach your connected customer, follow these three simple rules.1. Connect with your customers where they want, when they need you. It’s a fact… View Article

Be more prepared for hail storm season this year.

Huge Costs Associated With Hail DamageDamage caused by wind and hail cost one insurer in just one year more than $3.9 billion in 2012, according to an April 2013 analysis by the insurer. Texas was the state with the most wind/hail losses, followed by Illinois, New York, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, Indiana, New Jersey, Kentucky and… View Article

March 23, 2016 Dallas Storm Report: A Case Study

Hail in DallasOn the evening of March 23, 2016, a large weather system passed over the Central US, bringing warm, moist air ahead of a strong cold front. The conditions were ripe for severe weather in the Dallas area. This fostered the development of vast numbers of hailstones, many of which had sizes exceeding 2”… View Article

Capturing strong downbursts from a supercell in Kansas City

Understory’s RTi weather station network has captured evidence of a downburst in Kansas City! A downburst is a powerful weather phenomenon that can result in straight-line winds reaching 150 mph with the damage potential of a tornado. Although the dangers of tornados are notorious, there are approximately 10 downburst damage reports for every one tornado… View Article

EF1 Tornado Hits Kansas City, Damaging Buildings

Yesterday between approximately 6:50pm and 7:15pm CDT a tornado reaching EF1 wind levels touched down between Raytown and Lee’s Summit, and touched down again in the outskirts of Kansas City. Here’s some amazing footage of the tornado passing over the Lee’s Summit area.Understory stations were live and measuring weather conditions throughout the storm. The cell… View Article

Tracking Tropical Storm Bill Through Dallas

Tropical Storm Bill caught meteorologists’ attention when it began as a small series of thunderstorms over the Yucatan Peninsula on June 12th, 2015. The low-pressure system moved north, gathering strength over the Gulf of Mexico until it was organized enough to be classified as a tropical storm in the early morning hours of June 16th…. View Article

Shooting Hail at a Roof to Better Monitor Hail Damage

Understory finds the story under the clouds with its hail tracking hardware. Hail damage has an effect on millions of people every year and Understory places hail monitoring networks to see exactly where the damage occurs. Find out how we test our weather stations with our very own hail gun and get an idea of… View Article

Tracking cold fronts with hyperlocal weather networks in Kansas City and Dallas

You may have seen our Twitter post on May 4th, also known as Star Wars day, joking “May the front be with you”. There was a cold front that passed through Kansas City on the evening of May 4th, and it was one of the clearest frontal systems we’ve observed. The temperature at 5PM was… View Article

Understory captures evidence of temperature inversion in Kansas City

The dense spacing of our weather sensors, and frequent measurements (every second!) means that we can observe natural phenomena that other systems miss. During the past two months we’ve observed multiple occurrences of cool air pools in the low-lying areas of Kansas City due to temperature inversion.Normally, the temperature of the air in the atmospheric… View Article

Visualizing 29 Million Wind Measurements in Kansas City

Understory’s network of RTi stations in Kansas City is delivering high fidelity, continuous, and accurate wind speed and gust data. Our sensors are more sensitive and require less maintenance than a typical propeller-type weather station and can collect thousands of measurements every second. This means we know precise statistics for every potentially damaging sustained wind and… View Article

Introducing Understory Storm Alerts

 Understory Sensor Networks are covering Kansas City and Dallas! We’re tracking thunderstorms as they move through each city. We gather hail, wind, storm intensity, and many more variables out of 20 billion readings that we take as a storm passes over the city. Now you can get alerts on when, where, and how intense a… View Article