5 Ways To Improve Customer Loyalty

5 Ways To Improve Customer Loyalty

June 14, 2016 11:00 am Published by

1) Let the tools do their job.

Communication drives customer loyalty. But how can you possibly communicate with each customer? Whether it’s emailing, social media, apps, or customer data, using tools that boost your productivity while initiating a one-on-one conversation will improve customers lives and increase loyalty. One popular tool is Understory’s messaging platform. This tool simplifies relationship building and increases loyalty to your business.

2) Get hyper-personal.

When a message is relevant, it’s welcome, not an intrusion. Once you’ve decided to let the tools do their job, it’s time to get hyper-personal. Understory’s address-specific weather data help determine your customer’s specific situation and lets you provide a relevant tip or resource to them. Perhaps the forecast calls for severe storms. Using the right tools, you can let customers who will be impacted know about the storm and provide tips on how they can keep themselves and their property safe.

3) Be Quick AND Be Proactive.

When your customers are in need, they expect you to respond quickly and you’ve always done a great job doing that. But, with the right tools in your arsenal, you can reach out to your customers before they even have to ask. With tools such as Understory’s address specific weather reports, you can know which customers need attention after a weather event. Then, you can be proactive and reach out to your customer to let them know you’re there in their time of need.

4) Exceed customer expectations.

When you set a goal to exceed customer expectations, it’s not something that just happens. Take the time to build relationships and solve your customer’s problems. Communicate regularly with your customers and make sure they have options for how they can communicate with you. Outperforming your competitors by exceeding your customer expectations means customer loyalty and business growth.

5) Provide relevant, useful advice.

Understory’s messaging platforms lets you be aware of each customer’s unique situation and gives you the opportunity to provide relevant, useful advice. Timely advice keeps your business at the front of their minds for any future needs. Keep new homeowners informed with best home maintenance practices. First-time homeowners need more information like what to do if their water heater floods and how old or damaged shingles can damage their property. Whether you communicate these tips via emailing, social media or via snail mail, you’re providing information that will improve their lives while creating a long-term bond with your customers.

How Can Understory Help?

Build Loyalty

Reach customers via email – when they need it with Understory’s messaging interface. It’s browser based so no need to install software or run complex programs. You’ll be able to email your customers when they most need you.

Build Trust

Use Understory’s messaging to easily email customers to alert them about upcoming weather risks.

Build Your Business

With Understory’s exclusive address specific weather reports, including hail, wind and temperature, you’ll know exactly which customers were impacted and each address’ damage potential. You can then reach out to your customers to make sure they are OK and let them know that you are available to help.