4 Things Your Customers Don’t Worry About But Should

4 Things Your Customers Don’t Worry About But Should

June 21, 2016 6:00 am Published by

Want to grow your insurance business? Help your customers avoid major property damage and costly repairs. A home is one of the biggest investments your customers make. When disaster strikes, it’s stressful and very costly. Many times, your customers aren’t even aware of how their home might be impacted by weather. By positioning yourself as a trusted resource, your customers will rely on you for additional policies and they will be happy to tell everyone how you helped them. If you’re ready to grow your business by helping your customers, read on to learn about four of the biggest things your customers worry about and how you can help.

Basement flooding

Basement flooding can cause damage to your homeJust a few inches of water can create thousands of dollars in damage to a home and that doesn’t include the precious personal items that simply cannot be replaced. When the forecast is for heavy rains, your customers may not realize that they are susceptible to flooding but even the newest of homes can be impacted by severe rain.

How can you help?
You can provide regular tips to your customers on how to prepare for heavy rain by checking for cracks in the foundation and installing sump pumps. Let your customers know that in the event flooding does happen, using shelving units in their basement to store personal belongings up off the floor will help save personal items. Also, using a messaging tool, like Understory’s, you can alert customers that heavy rains are predicted and they should check to make sure their sump pump is working.

Severe weather

Severe Weather Can Threaten Your HomeTornadoes and hurricanes are definitely the most devastating form of severe weather but hail, high winds and lightning. Grow your business by providing timely advice to your customers can all cause problems for a homeowner. Many know how to keep themselves safe during severe weather but may not think about steps to ensure their property is safe.

How can you help?
When the outlook includes the possibility for severe weather, you can provide your customers with steps they can take to ensure their home is safe and how to reach you in the event there is property damage. Should the storm system develop, using an address-specific storm report like Understory’s to advise customers that were directly impacted by the storm, advise them what and how to inspect their property and how to reach you in the event there is property damage.

Roof damage

Hail Damage To RoofHail and wind can cause roof damage and when left undetected, can cause leaks, wall stains and even flood damage years later. When that happens, it leads to costly damage and it’s too late for your customer to file a claim, leaving them to foot the bill and you looking like the bad guy because it isn’t covered.

How can you help?
Using a precision hail reports or wind reports, like Understory’s, you can look up address-specific information that will provide you with the details you need to properly advise customers including the hail’s damage potential, maximum hail size, property damage potential for wind, max wind gusts, and maximum 1-minute sustained wind. Armed with data this granular, you can reach out to your customers with confidence and advise them on next courses of action. Even if there isn’t visible damage, your customers can get a roof inspector to the house to assess the damage. If needed, your customers can then file a claim in a timely fashion and you are a hero for saving them a costly repair down the road.

Ice Dams

Ice dams can cause damage to roofsWhen conditions are right, ice dams are created when snow melts on a roof and becomes trapped by dams of ice at the roof’s edge. This water can back up underneath roofing materials and into the home and ultimately cause property damage. Your customers may not be aware when conditions are right for ice dams to form much less how to prevent them from occurring.

How can you help?
When it snows, use a messaging tool like Understory’s to remind your customers to remove the snow from their roof with a rake to reduce the likelihood of ice dam formation should the right conditions occur. If your customer is impacted by ice dams, using Understory’s Ice Dam report will help you verify that conditions were right for the ice dam to form and will help your customer expedite their claim.