3 Secrets To Connect With The Connected Customer

3 Secrets To Connect With The Connected Customer

June 13, 2016 7:33 pm Published by

As the digital revolution continues to grow, customers are connected in a way that they have never been before in social media, email, messaging and more. If you’re struggling with how to reach your connected customer, follow these three simple rules.

1. Connect with your customers where they want, when they need you. It’s a fact – your customers are attached to their smartphones. These empowered, connected policyholders demand the companies they work with connect with them when they want and in the manner they choose, whether that’s by phone, email or via their smartphone. Be sure to offer your customers perfect integration of traditional and digital communications.

2. Communicate pre-weather best practices to keep homeowners safe. If a weather event is predicted, offering your customers pre-weather best practices via email is a great idea to keep them safe and keep their homes protected. Temps dropping? Let them know that their thermostat should be set to 60 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing. Become a trusted resource for your customers by letting them know what to do to prevent property damage.

3. Proactively communicate with your customers after the storm. In the event that damage occurs to an insured’s property, it’s crucial to reach out to customers as soon as possible in their time of need. Ground-truth weather detection will help you pinpoint the addresses that were impacted letting you reach out to those customers first. Offering guidance to your customers in their time of need builds loyalty and will grow your business.